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Dr. Navin Kumar
Associate Professor in psychology
Bhim Rao Ambedkar College
(University of Delhi)
Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-110094

Address for Correspondence

·         Plot No. 23, Flat No. UG 102
Shakti Khand-III, Indirapuram
Distt. Ghaziabad, Pin-201010
Mobile: +919213399438
Areas of interest
Social psychology
Organizational behavior
Qualitative research
Life skills training
Positive psychology
Media and behavior
Indian psychology
 Educational qualification

Graduation in psychology (hons) Patna univ. post-graduation in psychology Delhi university Ph.D. in psychology university of Delhi entitled “Role expectations and Role strain: Understanding psycho-social Dynamics Across three generation”.

Teaching Experience
Sixteen years experience teaching masters and graduation students of Delhi University
·         I have been teaching M.A. (Previous and Final) students of south-campus, University of Delhi since 2009 till date.
Paper’s Taught
Academic Session
Organizational Behavior
M.A. (P) Paper VI
Organizational Behavior
M.A. (P) Paper VI
Selection, Training & Assessment
M.A. (F) Paper XIIIB
Mental Health & Work
M.A. (F) Paper XVB
Personal Growth: An Experiential Paradigm 
M.A. (F) Paper – C - I
2012 – 13
Advance Social Psychology
M.A. IInd  Semester 
2012 – 13

·         Taught M.Com. Students of University of Delhi, South Campus for three years.
Paper’s Taught
Academic Session
Organizational Behavior
M.Com. (P)
Organizational Theory
M.Com. (F)

·         B.Com. (Hons.) Students of Delhi University Business Organization paper for about 10 years at Kirori Mal College Centre of School of Correspondence Courses.
·         B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing student’s paper entitled “Psychology for Nursing” at L.N.J.P. Hospital College of Nursing of Delhi University since 2007-08 to till date.
·         B.A. (Pass) and B.A. (Programme) students of Psychology following papers:
Papers taught: Abnormal Psychology, General Psychology, Social Psychology, Life Crises, Psychological Distress & Well-being, Mental Testing.
·         B.A. (Hons.) Applied Psychology students of all three years from the commencement of this course in my college i.e. 2006 till date following Papers:
General Psychology – B.A. (Hons.) Ist Year
Practicum in General Psychology – B.A. (Hons.)Ist Year
Industrial & Organizational Psychology – B.A. (Hons.)IInd Year
Social Psychology – B.A. (Hons.) IInd Year
Counseling Psychology – B.A. (Hons.)IIIrd Year
Practicum based on Counselling B.A. (Hons.) IIIrd Year
·         B.A. (Hons.) Social Work’s IInd year student since 1997 till date.
Paper’s taught: Psychology in Social Work, Psychology for Living

Research Work & Supervision
·         Project Director of ICSSR Research Project Entitled “Personality Trait Structure and Taxonomy of Hindi Speaking Indians: A Psycho lexical Approach”2013.
·         Completed a Major Research Project of U.G.C. on the topic “Employability of Vocational Education Students.” As Investigator
·         I have been working on a major research project of U.G.C. as Co-Investigator in the topic “Imaging self & other: Implications for motivation & Quality of life.”
·         Member Research Monitoring Committee of a research project between J.N.U. and Border Security Force (M.H.A.) on Reason’s and ramifications of stress among B.S.F. Personnel.
·        Completed a Research project under the scheme of Innovation Research of   Delhi University on the topic “Growing Under the Shadow of Media: Explorations into family lives & Psycho Social Well – being (2012 – 2013).”
·         Supervising Ph.D. work on the topic “A Psycho – Social Study of Mass Media Processes and Its Impact on Well – Being” of researcher Sunil Gupta (2012) from University of Delhi.
·         Supervising Ph.D. work on the topic “A Psycho – Social Study of Virtual Reality & Actual Reality and its Impact on Well - Being” of researcher Ravi Bhusan (2012) from University of Delhi.
·     Supervising Ph.D. work on the topic “Impact of Bullying on Adolescents: Unravelling the Psyche of victims of Bullying” of researcher Bushra Faraz (2013) at Jamia Milia University Delhi.
·         Guided project works of M.A. Psychology student Subhangi Jain on the topic “A comparative Study of Stress Among Senior Citizens living with and without Family a Case Study approach”. And guided several undergraduate Research Projects.
·         Supervised two Research Paper’s Presented in NAOP 2012 (Dec) Christ University, Bangalore. “Understanding the Psycho Social Well – Being of Facebook Users among College Going Students” & “Study of Psychological of Capital of College Students and its Impact on Well – Being”.  
Publications (Book’s / Journal’s)
Chapters on
Book Title
A book published.
ISBN- 978-81-909923-7-4


Role of Mass Media in Protecting Human Rights of the Marginalized and under Privileged ISBN- 978-81-8356-772-5 1st edition 2011
Role expectations and Role strain: Understanding psycho-social Dynamics Across three generation

Human Rights Education in 21st Century, Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi.
Theoretical Foundations of Ethics ISBN-978-81-7844-091-0 1st edition 2011
Ethics in Governance, K.K. Publications, New Delhi
Groups and leadership
Attention & Perception
NIOS Secondary Level, Book published, Ministry of H.R.D., Govt. of India
An article Published in a Journal discussant on the Topic
Pg- 19-24 volume- 1 Number-2 ISSN-2250-3412
Unraveling the sources and remedies of examination stress among Indian school children
An article published in Journal of Positive Psychology (JPP) Volume I, Number 2, Pages 88 – 89.ISSN- 2249-6254
Social and Cultural Influences of Academic Success and its Impact on Life Satisfaction: An Indian Scenario.
An article published in Journal IJSSR Volume-9 Number 2 November 2012 ISSN-0974-9837
Perception of Role Expectation and its Fulfillment among Youth: An Intergenerational Perspective.
Indian Journal of Positive Psychology Volume-3 Issue-4 december 2012 ISSN- 222-4937
Quality of Work life as a Predictor of Psychological well being of police Employees  
An article Published in a Journal discussant on the Topic
Volume – 1 number 2 april 2013 pg-62-69 ISSN-2250-3412

An article published in a journal discussant on the topic
Volume-2 Number- January-March 2014 pg-41-45 ISSN-2250-3412
Role of innovativeness and critical thinking in individual and organizational context

Internet mediated communication and its impact on psycho-social capital
A book published in august 2012- secondary course in psychology
Book1 & Book2 in English and Hindi medium.

A book published in august 2012- secondary course in psychology
Book1 & Book2 in English and Hindi medium.

NIOS Secondary Level, Book  published, Ministry of H.R.D., Govt. of India

NIOS Secondary Level, Book  published, Ministry of H.R.D., Govt. of India

Course/Curriculum Committee Membership
·           Member as an expert for psychology area advisory board for AIPS and AIBHAS, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Noida May 2014
·         Member of Curriculum Committee of National Institute of Open Schooling for Secondary Level Course in Psychology.
·         Member Curriculum Committee of Counselling and Guidance Course of Department of Adult Education, University of Delhi.
·         Convenor of Papers on Community Psychology for B.A. (Hons.) Applied Psychology proposed during 2010.
·         Convenor of paper on Applied Psychology in Contemporary Social Context B.A. (Hons.) IIIrd year Applied Psychology Semester Course.
·         Remained Member of Committee of courses department of Psychology, University of Delhi.
Seminars & Conferences
·           Acted as Chairperson in a scientific session on values, strengths, Human Development and functioning in the 3rd International Conference on Psychology at Amity University, Noida on 25th September 2014.

·           Presented paper in international congress of applied psychology on the topic “Understanding role expectations and role strain across three generations and its impact on well being in a joint family and nuclear family: An Indian study” at Paris, France 11th July 2014.
·           Organizing secretary of Ambedkar Memorial lecture on 22nd April 2014 at college and introducer of theme of lecture titled educating the lesser privileged: a psychological perspective.
·           Delivered a key note address at Christ university banglore in its national seminar on positive psychology on 20th of January 2014
·           Acted as a chairperson in a scientific session at Maniben Nanawati college for women on 7th dec 2013 in Mumbai on the topic of positivity at the workplace in the IInd national conference of IAPP.
·     Organized National Seminar on Media Mediated Realities and Its impact on Psycho Social well – Being Organized by Innovative Research Team Bhim Rao Ambedkar College on 13th April 2013 as Organizing Secretary.
 ·     Acted as Cochair Person in an international conference of ICDA and NCDA USA at ManavRachna University Faridabad on 27th and 28th March 2013 also member Organizing Committee of this Conference.
·        Acted as Chairperson in a Workshop on “Power of Ethics in Learning on 21st march 2013 at Institute of Lifelong Learning University of Delhi
 ·      Acted as chairperson in National Conference organized by Applied Psychology South Campus University of Delhi on 1st March 2013 on the Topic “Role of Mass Media and Its Implication for Aging Work Force”
  ·    Participated in Antardhwani annual cultural festival of Delhi University along with Innovative Researchers on 22nd & 23rd Feb 2013. In which a documentary titled “Growing Under the Shadow of Mass Media”.
·         Invited as Resource Person at KashiVidyapeeth, Varanasi at the First Conference of Indian Association of Positive Psychology held on 23rd to 25th Dec 2012.
·         Chaired a Symposium at NAOP on the Topic “Mass Media Domain & Its Impact on Psycho – Social Well – Being” in which 10 student Researchers presented their paper – 10th to 12th Dec. 2012 in Christ University Bangalore.
·         Presented paper on 6th& 7th September 2012 at Delhi University Academic Congress on the topic “Role of Critical Thinking and Innovativeness in Individual & Organizational Context”.
·         Presented paper in an International Conference on Positivism at Amity University Jaipur on the Topic “Role of Social and Cultural Influences on Academic Success and its Impact on Life Satisfaction” on 7th Aug 2012.
·         Presented a paper on the Topic Unraveling the Sources and Remedies of Examination Stress among Indian School Children at a National Conference organized by ICDA and Indian Association of Positive Psychology on 26th& 27th of May 2012 at Delhi University, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences.
·         Organized a symposium on the Topic of Indian Electronic Media Opportunities and Challenges at a National Conference organized by ICDA and Indian Association of Positive Psychology on 26th of May 2012 at Delhi University, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences.
·         Acted as co chairperson in an international workshop on Human rights at Delhi University organized by dept of adult education on 23rd of December 2011 with Prof PromilaAggrawal community college Canada as chairperson and speakers of my session included Mr. Senadhira Minister counselor Srilanka High commission and Mr. Mamun first secretary Bangladesh high commission.
·         Organizing Secretary of an International Conference on the topic “Psychology in Contemporary Context.  A Positivistic Approach” on 21st and 22nd May 2011 at New Delhi, University Conference Centre
·         I was Co-Chair in a National Workshop on Capacity and Life Skills Building on 28th-29th April 2011 at Department of Adult Education, University of Delhi.
·         I was a Co-Chair of National Symposium on 5th Aug. 2011, organized by CRDJ at I.I.P.A., New Delhi.
·         My paper entitled “Exploring Leadership from Mythological and Spiritual Perspective” had been accepted at an International Conference of International Military Testing Association held in Bali Indonesia between 30th Oct. 2011 to 3rd Nov. 2011.
·         My paper entitled Unraveling Jaina & Buddhist View of Consciousness: From a Psycho-Spiritual and Contemporary Perspective was presented in International Conference on 8th Aug. 2011 at Amity University of Rajasthan.
·         Presented a paper in Med-Con. 2011 organized by Indian Medical Association on 24th April 2011 at Country-Inn Hotel on the topic “Role of Psychological Skills in Doctor-Patient Communication.”
·         Presented a paper in an International Conference organized by IISMAAS on 20th April 2011 at J.N.U. on the topic “Psychological Impact of Urbanism on Well-being.”
·         Presented a paper in an International Conference on Advances in Military Psychology organized by Defence Institute of Psychology Research under Ministry of Defence on the topic “Reciprocal Altruism & Will Power” on 12th March 2011 at I.D.S.A. Complex, New Delhi.
·         Organizing Secretary at National Conference on 5th Sept. 2010 on the topic Organization and Change at Delhi University Conference Centre, University of Delhi.
·         Presented a paper in an International Conference of Punjab University, Deptt. of Life-Long Learning on 14th Nov. 2010 on the topic “Understanding Expectations and Fulfillment Gap Dynamics of School Education from a Psycho-Social-Economic and Technological Perspective” at Chandigarh.
·         Presented a paper in an International Conference of NAOP at J.N.U., Delhi (15th Dec. 2010) on the topic “Emerging Role of Psychological Skills for Medical Profession.”
·         Presented a paper in an International Conference of Geriatric Society of India a congregation of more than 500 Medical Professionals at India, Islamic Centre on 12th to 14th Nov. 2010 on the topic “Role Expectations and Role Strain of Elderly from the Perspective of Inter-generational Dynamics.
·         Presented paper in a National Conference of W.P.H.R.F. on the topic “ABC of Managing Organizations by Values” at Delhi University Conference Centre on 5th Sept. 2010.
·         Presented paper in NAOP Conference, Bangalore University – 6th to 9th March 2010 on the topic “Antisocial, Unsocial and Prosocial Effects of Media Content”.
·         Presented paper in National Seminar of Deshbandhu College at India International Center Delhi – 16th Feb. 2010. PradeepBaijal, Former Chairman, Trai was chairing session. Topic: “A Critical Understanding of Ethical Leadership from Historical and Contemporary Perspective”.
·         Presented paper in National Seminar in National Seminar on Global Economic Challenges at Institute of Life Long Learning on 5th Feb. 2010 on “Critical Evaluation of Migration from a Psycho-social and Cultural Perspective in Context of Global Economic Slowdown”.
·         Presented paper in National Seminar of Department of Psychology (D.U.), 25 Jan. 2010 on “Cognition in the Age of Virtual Reality from Contextual, Cultural & Developmental Perspective”.
·         Presented paper in National Seminar in Gorakhpur University on 15th Jan. 2010 on “Adolescent’s Challenges & Remedies from Social Psychological & Cultural Perspective”.
·         Attended 97th Indian Science Congress 3rd to 7th Jan. 2010 held at Kerala University.
·         Presented paper in National Seminar on Rural Marketing Issues and Challenges in WTO Era on “Organizational Culture”.
·         Presented paper in an International Conference on Biodiversity, Environment and Sustainability Challenges for Future, 5th Sept. 2008 on “Environment and Behavior” (S.S.N. College, University of Delhi).
·         Presented paper in an International Seminar on Gerontology: A Global Concern on “Media Portrayal of the Aged” organized by Dept. of Adult Education, University of Delhi, 1st March 2008.
·         Presented paper in National Seminar on my college on “A Critical Analysis of Social Justice Collective Identity, Marginality and Importance of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, 26th Sept. 2008.
·         My paper was broadcasted on 30th January 2008 for Indian Diaspora on topic “India and the World – Multiculturalism & Ethnic Diversity Strength of a Nation” through All India Radio External Services Division.
·         Presented paper in National Seminar on Rural Marketing Issues and Challenges in WTO Era on “Organizational Culture”.
·         Presented paper in National Seminar on Economy & Entrepreneurship at V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Jaunpur on “Psychological Aspects of Leadership”, 22-23 April 2006.
·         Presented a paper on Motivation & Human Research Resourceful Human’s the New Mantra – IIIrd H.R. Meet organized by Work-Psychology and Human Resource Forum, 26 Feb. 2006 at India Habitat Centre.
·         Organized two National Seminars as Organizing Secretary in my college in the year 2005 on 18 March on topic Counseling Myths and Reality and on 17th Dec. 2005 on the topic Psychology Dimensions of Terrorism.

Member of Selection Committees
·          Member psychologist for recruitment of executive trainee’s 20th may to 3rd June 2013 of Indian oil corporation.

·          Member psychologist for recruitment of executive trainee engineer’s at ntpc power management institute noida from 28th may to 11thjune 2013.
·         Member for the Selection of Executive Trainees H.R. of Ratnagiri Gas and Power a Joint Venture of N.T.P.C., Gail and Maharashtra Govt. on 7th 8th 9th June 2010. .
·         Member Psychologist for the interview of Assistant Commandant of S.S.B., I.T.B.P., C.R.P.F. under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India 25th and 26th Feb 2010.
·         Member for selection of Executive Trainees at NTPC as Psychologist since the year 2004 onwards at Power Management Institute Noida till 2012.
·         Member for Selection of Executive Trainee’s at GAS Authority of India Limited at GAIL Training Institute, Noida as Psychologist in 2010, 2011 & 2012.
·         Reporters and Sub-Editors recruitment at E-TV Jhandewalan.
·         Selection Committee Member of four permanent teacher’s in my department in 2008.
·         Selection Committee Member as Psychologist for recruitment of Engineer’s for Infosys at I.I.T. Roorkee and MNR Engineering College, Allahabad.
·         Member Selection Committee for the Recruitment of D.G.M. (H.R.) & Senior Officer (Fire & Safety) of B.C.P.L. A Govt. of India P.S.U. on 29th September 2011 at G.T.I. Noida.   
·         Member Selection committee for the recruitment of Executive Trainees instrumentation of GAIL at GTI Noida on31st December 2011.
·         Member Selection committee for the recruitment of Executive Trainees Marketing at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Qutub Institutional area New Delhi on 5th Feb 2012.
·         Member Selection committee for the recruitment of Senior Engineer Telemetry on 15th of may 2012 of GAIL at GTI Noida.    
·         Member Selection committee for the recruitment of Senior Engineer Chemical on 17th May 2012 of GAILat GTI Noida.
·         Member Selection committee for the recruitment of Executive trainees Company Secretary at Institute of Company Secretaries of India at Sector 62 Noida  on 19th May  2012 forGAIL.
Workshops & Other Academic Work
·         Acted as Coordinator for refresher course on “Psychology, Counseling and Social work” of U.G.C. refresher course organized by CPDHE University of Delhibetween 15th Sep. to 6th Oct 2012.
·         Participated in NTSE workshop as Expert for Mental Ability Test of NCERT 07th June 2012
·         Remained deputy coordinator of refresher course in “Indian Psychology emerging Perspectives” Organized by Dept. of Psychology from 22nd November to 11th December 2010 at ILLL University of Delhi. 
·         Conducted a Workshop on the Topic Relationship Skills and Anger Management for the students of counseling and guidance on 25th of November 2011 at University of Delhi.
·         National Level Street Vendors Workshop on Conflict Management and Decision-making at Gandhi-Shanti Pratishtan, I.T.O. organized by NASVI (National Association of Street Vendors of India), 15 Jan. 2010
·         Primary and Secondary Level School Teachers of Delhi Govt. in Nand - Nagari and Dilshad Garden Workshop on Motivation, Team-Work (2006-07).
·         Workshop with Delhi Police Constable to A.S.I. Level in North East District ProgrammeParivartan on topics of Stress Management 2006.
·         Advanced Pediatric Workshop for Medical Practitioners at P.S.K., 2006.
·         Workshop at Concor PSU of Ministry of Railways on Stress Management.
Contribution in the Corporate Life of the College
·          Organized a talk on racial prejudice on 21st February 2014 in the back drop of incidents of attack on students in Delhi.
·         Convener of Cultural Society of the college for three terms.
·         Convener of placement of my college for more than three terms.
·         I went to BITS Pilani twice with the student’s of my college.
·         Convener of Academic Plan Committee of my college for one term.
·         Convener of Media Committee of my college for more than three years.
·         Member of College Magazine Committee, Purchase Committee and many other important committees.
·         In my in charge tenure of Dept. of Psychology introduced new course of Applied Psychology (Hons.)
·         I was appointed as Deputy Superintendent Examination in April 2010 Annual Exams.
·         Member of Governing Body of my college as teacher representative for one year.
·         Convener of Seminar/Conference Committee of my college in the session 2011-12.
·         Convener of Seminar/Conference Committee of my college in the session 2012 -13.
·         Convener of Annual day function of college 8th Feb 2013.
·          Convener college admission grievance committee 2013-14

Administrative Experience
·         Remained Part-time Assistant Cordinator of IGNOU at my College Centre-0718 in year 2005.

Guest Lecturers
·           Acted as Resource Person at NCERT on 2nd September 2014 - Enrichment Program for Teacher Educators Teaching Psychology in Teacher Training Institutes for North East States.

·           Acted as evaluator projects at CPDHE in the orientation course for teachers on 17th July 2014.

·      UGC Edu Sat Video Links
·           Delivered guest lecture at MES college, Goa
·        Delivered guest lecture at IIT  Roorkee  on 12thjune 2013. Faculty members program on soft skills management (refresher course for engineering college teachers) as resource person.  
·         Delivered Guest Lectures on 8th and 9th November 2012 on the Topic “An Experiential Paradigm of Teaching & Learning” and “Role of Psychological Capital in Teaching & Learning Process”. At Edu – Sat Lecture of CEC UGC.
·         Delivered Guest lecture at Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy on 9th June 2012 To I.F.S. Probationers of 2010 – 2012 batch on the topic of “Role of Critical Thinking and its Impact on Emotional Well – Being”.
·         Delevered Guest Lecture at U.G.C. Refresher course on Psychology, Social Works and counseling on 19th September 2012 at CPDHE University of Delhi on the Topic “Indian Perspective Counseling”.    
·         Delivered Lecture at U.G.C. Orientation course on 23rd Nov. 2011 at ILLL Delhi University on the topic “Psycho – Social Construction of Reality & its Impact well – being”. 
·         M.A. student’s of Psychology in Dec. 2009 at D.D.U., Gorakhpur.
·         Amity Institute of Behavioural Science, NOIDA
·         Forest Officer Probationer’s at, FRI, Dehradun (2008).
·         Malviya Institute of Technology, Jaipur.
·         Edu-Sat Lecturers of on Psychology 2008 Dec & 2011 Dec.
Consortium of Educational Communication (UGC).On the topic “Emotional Intelligence”.
·         GurukulKangri University Haridwar

Membership of Associations & Journals
·           Member Review Committee in psychology journal of The Carmel College, Goa.

·           Executive editor in the Journal of Positive Psychology.
·         Life Member of National Academy of Psychology.
·         Life Member of Indian Science Congress.
·         Life Member India Career dev. Association.
·         Joint Secretary Indian Association of Positive Psychology.
·         Member Editorial Board of International Journal of Education & applied Social science “Educational Quest”.
·         Member Editorial Board of Journal of Positive Psychology. 

Other Activities
·           Invited as Guest of Honour on 6th March 2014 at Ramanujan college, D.U. in its psycho-fest mnestra 2014
·         Article on Psychological Dimensions of Terrorism was published in editorial page of the Pioneer Daily.

·         Views are expressed in the various newspapers of the country on a variety of issues as psychology expert including Editorial pages of English and Hindi Dailies.  I have been the Tele Counsellor of DainikJagran, Hindi-Hindustan during Board Exams.
·         Regularly invited as Guest Speaker by most of the leading Channels along with Who’s Who of Academics, Sports, Medical & Political experts and other celebrities that include AajTak, Zee News, Sahara T.V. and shared forums with C.B.S.E. Chairman, Ministers & others during Live-discussion programmes in the prime-time of T.V. Channels.
·         I was awarded Best Teacher Award by an NGO in year 2006.
·         Other than this I have participated in numerous Seminars and keep contributing my role as a behavioural expert on informal basis such as Gandhi March for senior citizen’s, street-plays and counselling activity of various NGO’s on a regular basis.
·         Observer C.B.S.E. All India Engineering Exams at Dehradun.

Date:  May 18, 2014                                                                                                           

(Dr. Navin Kumar)